When it comes to bass guitars, they have a special place in our shop. The Portland was the first build for Schmidt Co. It is equipped with; EC pots, Switchcraft output jack, and Emerson Custom capacitor and treble bleed mod for maximum clarity. The stock pickups we use give great definition and a rumble that can't be beat. However, seeing you're here and custom is the name of the game, we also offer the ability for you to order whichever pickups you desire in your bass


Each neck and body are custom fit and finished, including our own headstock design and logo.

Portland WHT.png
Portland Trans
Portland BLK.png

Pricing: $900.00 + Upgrades


Body wood: Alder 

Neck: Maple or Rosewood

Pickups: Fralin

  • Neck: 8.4k 

  • Bridge 8.8k

Hardware: Vintage Clover style tuners, high mass bridge, GHS strings (or preference)

Electronics: Emerson Electronics, Emerson Custom Tone Capacitor


Case: Hardcase included